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A region of landscape dotted with fanciful rock formations and castles, perfect for hikers

Bohemia paradiseThis remarkable region is located between the towns of Jičín, Sobotka, Mladá Boleslav, Mnichovo Hradiště, Kopanina, Železný Brod, Semily and Lomnice nad Popelkou. In the east the region passes into the Podkrkonoší area, in the north it is surrounded by the mountain ranges of Jizerské hory and Krkonoše.

Characteristics of the region

As early as 1870, a Czech spa guest described Český ráj as one of the most remarkable corners of Bohemia. The monumental sandstone “rock town” Prachovské skály is located nearly in the outskirts of the town Jičín. The sandstone rock plateau with the basalt hill called Mužský, Drábské světničky and romantic small rock castles rise near Mnichovo Hradiště. Hrubá skálaIn the area of Hrubá Skála (pictured here) there are, besides another “rock town”, several castles and chateaux, often admired by poets and writers. The Maloskalsko region (the region around Malá Skála) with its bizarre rock formations and castle ruins above the Jizera River has long been a favorite of artists.

Transport accessibility

High-speed roads: Praha – Mladá Boleslav – Turnov. Main road: Mladá Boleslav – Jičín, Mnichovo Hradiště – Jičín, Turnov – Semily – Jičín. Regional railways: Turnov – Jičín, Mladá Boleslav – Turnov, Mladá Boleslav – Sobotka – Libuň.

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