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Northern Bohemia is a paradise for skiers, hikers, and lovers of nature

The protected landscape areas Jizerské hory and Lužické hory and National Park Krkonoše are all situated in this mountainous region. Wooden folk buildings and stone lookout towers have been preserved on many places of the region. Máchovo jezero (Mácha Lake) and the area of Holanské rybníky (Holanské artificial lakes) can be recommended to the fans of water sports. The whole region is crisscrossed with a network of biking trails. One of the most popular resorts for cross-country skiing – Jizerská magistrála – is located in Jizerské hory. Several towns also have a long glass-making tradition.

Transport accessibility

  • High-speed roads: Praha – Liberec.
  • European roads: Praha – Tanvald – Harrachov – Jelenia Gora (PL), Hradec Králové – Liberec – Zittau – Zgorzelec (Germany), Mladá Boleslav – (Vrchlabí) – Trutnov (Krkonoše), Hradec Králové – Trutnov.
  • Dense network of regional railways: Praha – Turnov – Liberec, Liberec – Podkrkonoší (Krkonoše foothills) – Hradec Králové.
  • Worth visiting is the railway from Tanvald to Kořenov and Harrachov, which is the last rack railway with regular track gauge in Europe.

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