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The capital of the Czech Republic

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. It has an area of 496 km2 and is home to 1,200,000 people
The year 870, when Prague castle was established, is regarded as the beginning of the city’s existence. However, people inhabited the area in the early Stone Age.
In 1918, at the end of World War I, Prague was declared the capital of a new country – the Czechoslovak Republic. In 1993 it became the capital of an independent Czech Republic.

The heart of Europe

Prague is situated in the heart of Europe – approximately 600km from the Baltic, 700km from the North Sea and 700km from the Adriatic.Prague is not a huge distance from other central European cities. Vienna is 300km away, Bratislava 320km, Berlin 350km, Budapest 550km, Warsaw 630km and Copenhagen 750km.

Prague city centre’s exact geographical location is 50°05‘19“N and 14°25‘17“E.
The city is on Central European Time (CET; GMT + 1), summer time - CET + 1 (GMT + 2)

UNESCO listed sites

Prague’s historical centre has an area of 866ha (Hradčany and Prague Castle, Malá Strana, the Old Town including Charles Bridge and Josefov, the New Town and Vyšehrad). Since 1992 it has been listed by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage site.

The most important protected historical centre in the Czech Republic

Typical for Prague city centre are its winding lanes and buildings in every possible architectural style: Romanesque rotundas, Gothic cathedrals, Baroque and Renaissance palaces, art nouveau, neo-classical, cubist and functionalist houses and contemporary structures.

European city of culture 2000

Prague is one of nine European cities to hold this prestigious title which it gained thanks to its numerous museums and galleries housing unique collections, tens of theatres and important concert halls which host performances by world famous artists.

A city on a river and nine hills

Undulating topography gives Prague its inimitable beauty and its stunning panoramic views. Prague’s many hills provide some stunning vistas.
The River Vltava flows through Prague for 31km, and at its widest measures 330m. The Vltava has created some interesting places in Prague – islands and meanders, providing many idyllic scenes.

A city of love

A walk through the gas-lit narrow streets, a kiss under a tree in blossom in a Baroque garden, a cruise on a historical steamship, night time at a castle or chateau, a ride on a steam train, a wedding in a chateau park – all of these are ingredients in the cocktail that is Prague. And it’s up to every visitor which ingredients to add.

Shopping and culinary delights

Famous Czech glass, costume jewellery, celebrated Czech beer, natural cosmetics, culinary specialities, world-famous brand names – all these come with a guarantee of quality and at a very reasonable price.

Golden Prague

This name was given to the city during the reign of Czech King and Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV, when the towers of Prague Castle were covered in gold. Another theory is that Prague was called ‘Golden’ during the reign of Rudolf II who employed alchemists to turn ordinary metals into gold.

Prague, a city of a hundred spires

The city’s huge number of towers led to the city being called ‘the city of a hundred spires’ several centuries ago. At present there are around 500 towers in the city.

Characteristics of the region

Prague is a significant cultural centre with a variety of theatres, museums, galleries and exhibition halls. It is an important European transportation hub. Prague is unusually rich in significant architectural monuments of all periods. The historical centre, which covers 866 hectares, has been included in the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage since 1992.

Transport accessibility

  • Prague is a significant railway and road junction.
  • The modern, expanded international airport Praha-Ruzyně is located here, as well.
  • The city public transportation includes: three lines of underground trains, trams, buses and extensive integrated transport system around Prague in the Central-Bohemian region.

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