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The region of castles, chateaux and lakes

The nature of southern Bohemia is very diverse. Besides typical flat areas with numerous artificial lakes and peat-bogs framed with dense forests and extensive meadows, we can find even rougher mountain landscape in this region.

Characteristics of the region

The landscape is nearly untouched by modern civilization. Numerous cultural and historical sights offer a large range of activities to the visitors – such as walking tours, angling, water sports or visits of historical towns, castles, chateaus and monasteries. Český Krumlov (pictured here; click for a larger view) is the jewel among the south-Bohemian towns. Its centre has been included in the UNESCO list of the world cultural and natural heritage, which is also the case of the Holašovice Village with its complex of folk buildings. The chateaux Hluboká nad Vltavou and Červená Lhota, the Zvíkov Castle or the monasteries Vyšší Brod and Zlatá Koruna are the most popular.

Transport accessibility

  • The dense network of roads of the European system: Praha – Benešov – Tábor – České Budějovice – Linz, Plzeň – Písek – České Budějovice, České Budějovice – Jindřichův Hradec – Pelhřimov.
  • Main railways: Praha – Tábor – České Budějovice – Summerau, Plzeň – Strakonice – České Budějovice – Gmünd, České Budějovice – Veselí nad Lužnicí – Jihlava – Brno.

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