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A mecca for wine lovers, this region is also perfect for cyclists, hikers and history buffs

Lowlands and hillsides with extensive vineyards create the largest part of its territory. Along the border with Austria rise the limestone hills Pavlovské vrchy (Pavlovské hills); north of Brno you will find the Moravský kras (Moravian Karst) area with its maze of abysses and caves. The meanders of the Dyje river create a part of the Czech-Austrian border and are included in the Podyjí National Park. The ragged ridges of the White Carpathians create the eastern border of the region.

Characteristics of the region

Wine, vineyards, wine cellars, vintage and rich folklore are all associated with southern Moravia. The Lednice-Valtice complex of two chateaux has a special charm. It is included in the UNESCO list of the world cultural and natural heritage. Brno with a number of significant historical sights became the centre of the region. Mikulov (pictured here; click for larger view) is a major centre of winemaking set below the picturesque Pálava hills. Folk costumes, folk decorated buildings, traditional music and folklore festivities are typical of the Slovácko region. Local nature offers ideal conditions for walking tours, cycling and water sports, angling, horse riding or mountain climbing. The Podyjí National Park is a significant biosphere reserve; the Moravian Karst is the oldest protected landscape area in Moravia.

Transport accessibility

  • Highways, high-speed roads and main roads: Praha – Brno – Břeclav, Brno – Mikulov, Znojmo – Mikulov – Břeclav;
  • High-speed railway corridors: Praha – Brno – Břeclav – Vienna, Břeclav – Otrokovice – Přerov,
  • Dense network of regional railways. The international airport Brno – Tuřany.

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