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Is called the “green roof“ of Europe

The tourist region Šumava is extensive, around 120 km long wooded mountain range. It extends along the south-western border of the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. In 1993 most of its area (the peat-bogs, glacial lakes, remains of primeval forest growths) was proclaimed the National park of Šumava.

Characteristics of the region

The mountains and hills of Šumava, along with its untouched nature, clean air and low population density create ideal conditions for summer tourism and winter stays. In the summer season, visitors can discover deep forests, calm valleys, mountain meadows, streams and lakes, peat-bogs and meads. The Šumava landscape offers beautiful views of mountain ridges and rolling hills. Many well-marked hiking trails are sure to be appreciated by visitors who decide to discover the region on foot.

In winter, Šumava offers mountain resorts with excellent conditions for winter sports. In the surroundings of the centres, such as Železná Ruda, Špičák, Zadov, Churáňov, Nové Hutě or Kvilda, there are several well-kept ski slopes and tracks for cross-country skiing. Valuable historical sights, mainly folk buildings characteristic for this mountain region, picturesque towns and romantic ruins of the former watch castles can be found on the territory of Šumava.

Transport accessibility

  • A dense network of main roads and the roads of the European system Praha – Plzeň – Nürnberg, Plzeň – Klatovy – Železná Ruda, Praha – Vimperk – Strážný, Plzeň – Písek – České Budějovice.
  • Main railways: Praha – Plzeň – Cheb, Plzeň – Furth im Wald, Plzeň – České Budějovice and extensive network of regional railways in the Pošumaví area.

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