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Welcome into the Czech republic

The Czech Republic is a small country in the heart of Europe. Thanks to its location at the crossroads of various cultures, the Czech Republic has countless cultural and historical points of interest.

Prague - The capital

Prague is one of the most beautiful and historical cities in night scene of Praguethe world. We are here to help promote the great reputation and hospitality that only the Czech people can offer to tourists and business travelers and we will also be happy to assist to you or to your company with any information with our assistance and service you may need during your visit to the Czech Republic.

Reasons why Prague is so popular are quite simple. Strolling at cobblestone streets of the old town with great views at architecture buildings, churches and magnificent Castle make it believe. You can continue having a relatively cheap lunch or dinner at one of pubs accompanied with world famous Czech beer. Later on cut the cost of an entrance ticket in a half to enjoy a classic music concert or for a younger crowd just clubbing and adoring beautiful Czech girls.  You will fall in love with Prague, we promise!  More about Prague ...

Tourist regions and sites

Many other towns and historic monuments in the Czech Republic are well-preserved and are noted in the UNESCO register as world cultural landmarks, for example: Kutna Hora, Telc, Cesky Krumlov, the Church of St.John of Nepomuk and the latest, the Lednicko-Valticko area. Some of the towns are also known as glowing assets of the Czech Republic due to the existence of curative mineral spring spas there.

The Czech nation has been through good times and bad times when it was in the forefront of world events and times when its national rights were denied through foreign oppression. Czech Republic also has good venues available for congress, cultural, market, incentive and spa tourism. Go to tourist regions ...