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Some of the most important historical centres in the region can be found in the towns of Kadaň, Litoměřice and Terezín. Then there are the chateaux at Klášterec nad Ohří, Krásný Dvůr and Velké Březno. Important religious sites such as the Franciscan Monastery in Kadaň, the Cistercian Monastery in Osek and the Loreto Chapel in Rumburk lend the history of the area a spiritual dimension.

Characteristics of the region

The region boasts many activities and attractions: a visit to the autodrome and hippodrome in Most, a stroll through the naturally-formed gorges around Hřensko, the so-called ‘sfinxes near Měděnec, winter sports at ski resorts of the Krušné Mountains and water sports at Nechanice or on Kamencové Lake. Kamencové Lake near Chomutov was created as a result of mining activity in the 16th century. Water formed a lake measuring 16 hectares and with a depth of 33m. It has become a popular place of recreation.

Milešovka is the highest mountain in the České středohoří range. It is one of only a handful which can only be accessed on foot - there is no road or track to the top. The difference in height between the base and the peak is 300m. The view from the top was described by one of the greatest travellers of all time, Alexander Humboldt, as the third most beautiful in the world.

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